Custom Uplighting - $20 ea

Uplighting is one of the most cost effective
ways to decorate for your special event.
Uplighting is a great way to create depth,
interest, and drama for your event by
literally painting your event space with light.
You can turn an ordinary boxy event space into
a truly unique and vibrant entertaining space.
Each additional light is $20 ea.

Bliss Light - $100

Our Bliss Light transforms your venue into
a magical, starry experience! It creates an
explosion of thousands of moving pin-points
of light, resulting in a breathtaking lighting
effect much like a universe of moving stars!
They move on unique far-reaching trajectories
complete with an ever-transforming nebula.
Definitely a “never-before-seen” lighting
experience, which is sure to impress any guest!
Our Bliss Light covers a 50’x50’ area.

Photo Montage - $350

Our photo montage is a wonderful
keepsake for the Bride & Groom. We
use real cinematic methods that will fully
engage you and your guests. We will collect
pictures from you and set them to the song of
your choice. Many couples choose this to show
pictures of the couple growing up and pictures of
them together. You can choose to play it during
your first dance or dinner.

Name In Lights - $250

Customize your reception with your own
logo projected on the floor or wall of your
venue! We use b&w glass gobos to ensure
a great final product and include a variety
of custom logo designs from which you’ll
choose your favorite.

Wireless Surround Sound - $150

This convenient speaker system delivers
seamless surround sound to liven up any
event space. Whether your ceremony or
cocktail is in a separate room or your
event is over 300 guests, the satellite
surround system will guarantee the
highest quality of sound.

Double Sound - $150

This option is a must have for large venues with
cathedral ceilings. Adding the Double sound option
will guarantee a crisp, quality sound that won’t be
absorbed by the large space.